Spring Break!!

Well another successful teaching vacation at Secrets in Los Cabos San Jose Mexico. So much fun and I loved teaching beginner level yoga classes for 2 hours every morning. I even received applause from the participants. Advanced yogis even enjoyed the class and I finished each session with a two minute guided meditation. Click on the video to check me out!!

By Aida Johnson-Rapp

I am grateful for everything that life has to offer. My patience with others is a virtue, but I do have a restless spirit. Most of all I love to laugh. I am adventurous and bold, but I don’t like to get dirty. I love to dance, workout and run, yet I can also put in some serious TV time. Sure I like shoes and my closet contains a vast diversity of styles from beach thongs, several sports models and even four inch heels. That said I am ready for whatever escapade arises. I am extremely energetic, young in spirit and very much to the left of conservative. I enjoy spending time at the beach and museums. Because I like being around people, I enjoy going to outdoor festivals, parties or participating in an outdoor sport.