Aida Johnson-Rapp’s Graduate Manifest Project

Aida Johnson-Rapp is a Master of Arts Management graduate student. Below, she shares about her Graduate Manifest project submission as well as the impact Columbia College Chicago has had on her career over the years.

Congratulations on graduation! Your connection to Columbia College Chicago goes back several years. What first brought you to this school?

Back in the late nineties I lost my brother to ALS and just needed to take a break from working full-time.  I have spent many years in the fitness industry, and I had been very involved in musical theater and dance.  The break I needed was to manage my grief and get back to things that gave me a lot of joy, which was performing.  I had been….

Source: Aida Johnson-Rapp’s Graduate Manifest Project


By Aida Johnson-Rapp

I am grateful for everything that life has to offer. My patience with others is a virtue, but I do have a restless spirit. Most of all I love to laugh. I am adventurous and bold, but I don’t like to get dirty. I love to dance, workout and run, yet I can also put in some serious TV time. Sure I like shoes and my closet contains a vast diversity of styles from beach thongs, several sports models and even four inch heels. That said I am ready for whatever escapade arises. I am extremely energetic, young in spirit and very much to the left of conservative. I enjoy spending time at the beach and museums. Because I like being around people, I enjoy going to outdoor festivals, parties or participating in an outdoor sport.