An Amazing Adventure in Self-Improvement

From November 8-13, 2017, in Montego Bay, Jamaica, I attended Mindvalley’s A-Fest for the first time.  This was an amazing experience and just what I needed to get my juices flowing.  I am excited to give and express more compassion and love to everyone around me.  My love for my husband Craig is deeper than ever because he gave me the space to take a deeper dive into self-improvement awareness and development.

I am also excited to become more involved in my community of instructors and fitness professionals.  I want to share the tools and inspiration that I gathered at this event.  Servant leadership is the key!  I also put together this video the day after I got back home to clearly document my excitement:

Check out these amazing videos and you will understand how and why I feel transformed!

By Aida Johnson-Rapp

I am grateful for everything that life has to offer. My patience with others is a virtue, but I do have a restless spirit. Most of all I love to laugh. I am adventurous and bold, but I don’t like to get dirty. I love to dance, workout and run, yet I can also put in some serious TV time. Sure I like shoes and my closet contains a vast diversity of styles from beach thongs, several sports models and even four inch heels. That said I am ready for whatever escapade arises. I am extremely energetic, young in spirit and very much to the left of conservative. I enjoy spending time at the beach and museums. Because I like being around people, I enjoy going to outdoor festivals, parties or participating in an outdoor sport.